Don Featured in Houston Magazine’s Best of Houston List

Don Vaughn in Houston Modern Luxury's Best of HoustonEvery year, Houston Modern Luxury Magazine does a profile of the best things happening in the city.  The article covers restaurants, boutiques, designers, and a select few individuals that really stand out in this city of millions.  Don was picked because of his highly unusual combination of careers in both modeling in neuroscience–it’s  not every day you meet a model that received dual degrees from Stanford and spends his days scanning brains in a lab (or in some cases dropping people off of a multi-story structure to see if time perception slows down).  Don was recognized along side other big names in Houston like Houston Grand Opera Star Philip Cutlip, and Ziggy Gruber, owner of the Houston institution Kenny & Ziggy’s, as well as nationally recognized Houston restaurants like America’s and Stella Sola. For a larger view of the article, click here.