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  • Don Vaughn and David Eagleman Release “Synesthetic”, Musical iPhone App: eyeFi

    Developed by neuroscientists Don Vaughn and David Eagleman, this app is based on sensory substitution technology that was originally developed for blind people to be able to ‘see’ their world by auditory feedback.  Don and David decided to develop this technology into a musical entertainment version, allowing the auditory feedback to be more mysterious, melodious, beat-filled and beautiful. With this app, you substitute one sense for another. eyeFi is a way of hearing the world with your iPhone camera.  Depending on where you point the camera, you generate different music.  This is a revolution in music generation. By choosing your […]

  • Eagleman Lab Scans Oldest Subject: 3,000 Year-Old Mummy

    Recently, a friend of the lab acquired a 3,000 year old Egyptian mummy for his antiquities collection.  Lab head Dr. David Eagleman, quick on his feet, offered to scan the mummy before it was put away indefinitely on display.  Since Dr. Eagleman’s plan was to pass the mummy through an MRI machine, it needed to be clear there was no ferromagentic metal present, as the magnetic field produced by the machine would literally rip the metal out of the wrappings and additionally ruin the scanner. David and Don headed to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to pass a metal-detecting wand over the […]

  • Don Speaks at SchipulCon on Arduino and Processing

    Intro to Processing and Arduino Processing – Don Vaughn, Neuroscientist & Musician – SchipulCon2011. At this year’s SchipulCon, hosted by Schipul the Web Marketing Company, Don dispelled the myth that you need to be a “coder” to write simple graphical and hardware applications. Using Processing and Arduino as examples, he demonstrated that anyone can quickly mock up beautiful visuals and interact with hardware–all you need is a computer and 5 minutes.  He also demonstrated a few more complex applications of Arduino in both neuroscience and music that can be accomplished with a little more time.  Specifically, he showcased his custom […]

  • Don in NOVA ScienceNOW Profile on David Eagleman

    NOVA did a documentary on the head of Don’s lab, David Eagleman.  Check out 2:40 for an Don’s explanation of an experiment he was conducting, involving dropping people in freefall from 150ft into a net to see if time slows down in terrifying situations.