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  • Don Vaughn and David Eagleman Release “Synesthetic”, Musical iPhone App: eyeFi

    Developed by neuroscientists Don Vaughn and David Eagleman, this app is based on sensory substitution technology that was originally developed for blind people to be able to ‘see’ their world by auditory feedback.  Don and David decided to develop this technology into a musical entertainment version, allowing the auditory feedback to be more mysterious, melodious, beat-filled and beautiful. With this app, you substitute one sense for another. eyeFi is a way of hearing the world with your iPhone camera.  Depending on where you point the camera, you generate different music.  This is a revolution in music generation. By choosing your […]

  • Custom LED Arduino Electronic Drum Set

    Most music is trending towards electronics, whether for effects or its complete genesis.  Seeing that future, I decided to build my own electronic drum set, given the lame look of most electronic drumsets out there.  I wanted to reinvent from the ground up the way an electronic set was thought-out, optimize the set for live performances and consistent touring. Using my electronics background from physics, I built a unique, personalized drumset which emits complex lighting patterns,  integrates w/ sound processing in Ableton Live, and breaks down compactly enough to travel on an airplane. You can see it light up 2 […]